Giving Back and Helping Others

This Year’s Charity is the Child Rescue Coalition!

Buzzing Around Town!

Join us as we “Buzz Around Town” for the Child Rescue Coalition. During the month of May, the Parkland MOMs Club will be buzzing our our neighbors,  friends and family to raise funds and awareness for CRC.

What is “Buzzing”?

When someone gets “buzzed “they are able to enjoy a lawn full of adorable smiling bees, that won’t sting! They will also learn about the Child Rescue Coalition the services they provide, the children and families they help, as well as all of the important work they do!

Families that are “Buzzed” are asked to make a donation. Any donation amount, big or small, is incredibly helpful to this organization. After filling out the donation card, you are able to choose the next house/family to get “buzzed “… Which makes it fun for you and helps us to carry on our fundraising campaign.

Within 24 hours of your house being buzzed, the bees and informational envelope will be picked up by our committee and will fly to the next house that was chosen, and they will be “buzzed.”

Sponsorship Opportunities are still available.  Sponsor Pkt Buzz[1]

Buy Now Button Bumble Bee Sponsorship

Buy Now Button Queen Bee Sponsorship

Just want to make a donation? Click HERE.

A Big Thank You to Our Local Sponsors

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MOMS Offering Moms Support®

We are a support group designed just for you, the at-home mother!

Most people become friends with their co-workers when beginning a new job, but how do women make friends when they begin the job of motherhood? Do they seek them out at the grocery store? Do they pass out their phone number to other parents picking up their child from school? Do they walk around holding a sign that reads, “I need mommy friends”?

The best way to make new friends for yourself AND your children is to join your local MOMS Club. We offer regular playgroups, field trips, MOMS Night Out, community service, and other fun activities for you to enjoy WITH your children. Just because someone decides to become a stay-at-home mother doesn’t mean they actually have to “stay at home” all the time. Moms, like children, need to get out for some fun and companionship too!

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